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Aviabulevardi I:  09 3540 7000 (8 - 16.30)

Aviabulevardi II: 050 438 2108

Select from the Finest Services – Ease of Residence

Aviabulevardi provides Your company with the possibility of selecting the best services to fit Your needs leaving You to focus on Your core business. The services provided by our partner are of high quality and competitive pricing.

Our partners are Regus, ISS and ManDeli.

Services included in rent

  • Lobby service
  • Real Estate Management
  • General maintenance, 24 hour duty
  • Upkeep of exteriors
  • Maintenance of HVAC equipment
  • Maintenance of elevators
  • Real estate waste disposal
  • Cleaning of shared areas
  • Access Control
  • Use on the roof terrace

Restaurant and Catering services

  • Personnel restaurant
  • Catering restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Catering for Conference and Entertainment Events
  • Sauna

From this selection You can add to Your companies services

User services

  • Mailing services
  • Courier service
  • Copying and printing services
  • Office supplies
  • Coffee automats
  • Cleaning
  • Internal waste disposal
  • IT Safety
  • Mobile switch service
  • Plant delivery and care

System services

  • Network Maintenance
  • Tele network maintenance
  • IT Support
  • Intranet
  • Software and appliance education
  • IT appliance sales, rent and leasing

Moving Services

  • Office moving services
  • Space alterations
  • Handyman services
  • Interior design

Special services

  • Client negotiation spaces
  • Archives
  • Storage spaces

Lobby and Real Estate Services

ISS Palvelut Oy is in charge of the tenants’ wellbeing and produces managing, maintenance and user services in Aviabulevardi:

  • Cleaning
  • Environment services, waste disposal
  • Maintenance for the Building
  • Controlling and improving energy use
  • Safety and security

In addition ISS offers handyman services which include assisting in all kinds of small scale fixing and organizing tasks.

Technical solutions

Spaces in the building that are only accessible via personal access passes are as follows:

  • External doors
  • Internal doors leading to office spaces
  • Social spaces
  • Elevators and stairs

Lighting in the building is activated automatically with motion and day light detectors. The motion detector is to ensure that spaces are not illuminated when empty and the day light detector stabilizes the amount of light in the space at all hours. These settings are to enable the level of efficiency and functionality to be as optimal as possible at all times.

The property is equipped with a geo-energy system. The energy wells and an efficient air heat pump system allows for year-round use of the building without external heat and cooling energy. The indoor air in the rooms is adjusted automatically based on the temperature and CO2 sensor readings. Cooling and heating is provided through panel radiators in the ceiling, so that there is no breeze or draft in the spaces. With radiator panels, no ordinary wall radiators are needed, so the entire floor area can be utilized for furnishing. The energy system automatically adjusts to a lower power setting for night time. With self-production and low consumption, the energy costs of the building are minimized.

Social spaces

You will find showers and dressing rooms with lockable cupboards to store Your possessions in the basement.

Restaurant in the heart of Aviabulevardi I

Restaurant ManDeli

The functionality and comfortability in Aviabulevardi I is increased by the versatile in service and high in quality restaurant ManDeli. At the buffet restaurant You can enjoy fresh salads, lunches and dinners. The always fresh baked goods and confectionaries can be enjoyed at the restaurant or be taken out. At ManDeli you can even order cakes with your company’s own picture or logo.

In addition ManDeli offers a catering service which consists of conference packages, gala dinners, barbeques and formal events.

Phone (renting)

050 438 2108

Visiting Address

Karhumäenkuja 2
01530 Vantaa
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